Welcome To Our Newest Location!


Welcome To Our Newest Location!

You may have seen us before. It’s likely we frequent the same Internet hot spots, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.But, frankly, we thought it was time we had a place we can call our very own. It’s not that we’re anti-social or anything, but we wanted a place without limitations – like us! A place where we can talk freely about topics we think you’ll be interested in… a place that doesn’t limit us to a certain number of characters. A place that allows us to use and display all of our talents and creative genius, that allows us to step out of the box, to stretch and to grow.So, here we are! Of course, we want you to continue to visit GennComm at all of our locations – like we said, we’re not anti-social! – but we now own a piece of prime real estate here on the Information Superhighway, with our very own address: www.genncomm.com. So we’d especially like for you to add this site, our new ‘home,’ to your address book.

We’ve been nurturing our clients at GennComm, and we’ve been overdue for a renovation ourselves! Here, we will strive to give you lots of tips and useful intelligence that you can apply to your businesses NOW! It won’t be a whole rigmarole that we know you would love to implement, but may never really have the time. But rather, simple practical tips that will help you to more productive self promotion! You will also learn more about our staff of seasoned PR and Marketers (lovingly called GennCommers), best practices, campaigns we feel passionate about, charities we support, and trends to watch closely.So every month we will share with you, some need to know, or nice to know, or just plain fun to know material right here at the GennComm blog.Don’t be surprised if www.genncomm.com becomes one of your new favorite go-to hot spots!




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